Ryukyu Dynasty Festival in Shuri
Date: Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013
This festival features a magnificent parade dating from ancient times.  With over 200 people dressed in traditional costume, the Ryukyu Kingdom Parade departs from the Seidanmae at Shurijo Castle.  As the parade proceeds, a number of small groups join in here and there, resulting in up to 3,000 participants. Ryutan (an artificial lake), located in front of Shurijo Castle, will be the scene of a brilliant fireworks display in the evening.
Yomitan Festival
Date: Saturday-Sunday, Nov. 2-3, 2013
Some 300 lovers of traditional music gather from around the village and perform classical Ryukyu music to praise Akainko, a legendary character who is said to be the father of sanshin music.  Traditional dance, bojutsu, lion dances and original plays are also performed during the festival.
Chatan No.1 Gourmet Battle
Date: Saturday-Sunday, Nov. 23-24, 2013
This year marks the fourth annual Chatan No.1 Gourmet Battle, which is a popular two-day-long event held annually at Chatan Park, next to Chatan Aeon, and is also known as the C-1 Battle.  Double Decker, a cafe and restaurant located in Mihama, has won the grand prize three years...
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